MAK Group Russia has nearly 15 years' experience providing luxury lifestyle management services to Russia's elite and corporate members . Our office employs over 50 lifestyle managers, each of whom has completed a specialised training program. They work around-the-clock 365 days per year to provide personal concierge services to each member. From restaurant bookings to backstage concert access, a bespoke luxury lifestyle is at our clients' fingertips.


We have also created bespoke customer engagement programmes for many of Russia's most influential and well-known brands. We offer a comprehensive corporate membership program that ensures our team is able to understand and exceed the expectations of our premium and luxury clients. Additionally, our team develops digital products for our corporate clients, having gained us the position as a global leader in the lifestyle management market in Russia.

“  Russia is vast and rich. Yet at the same time, it is historically a place where even the richest have proven to have concierge needs—previously, there have been shortages. It is not enough to simply have money, one has to have proper contacts to maximise the use of that money. And this is what we’re good at here at        MAK Group: we know and can connect you to the right people 


 MAK Group Russia is a unique service with a unique resource 



Alye Parusa BC, Bld 5, 77 Aviatsionnaya street, Moscow 123182, Russia

+7 495 786 6060

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